#11 Urban scarf

#11 Urban scarf
21 December 2018 Manon
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Knit your Urban scarf

It’s almost christmas. Time to light some candles, get together with friends and family and time for… knitting! Or you may just have found out that you’ve forgotten to buy a present for someone. In this blog we’ll share the pattern of a quick and easy scarf. It truly is a ‘big knit’, I used our URBAN yarn to knit it! It’s nice and soft, very warm and extremely long. This pattern can be used to make three different sized scarves. A nice and wide maxi scarf, a slightly slimmer midi scarf and a mini scarf perfect for children. Have fun!


Maxi 4 balls of Urban
Midi 3 balls of Urban
Mini 2 balls of Urban
12 mm knitting needles (US no. 17)
7 mm crochet hook (UK no. 2)

Measurements (approximations, it really depends on how tightly you knit):
Maxi 27 cm / 10.5 inch wide, 1.80 m / 71 inch long
Midi 21 cm / 8 inch wide, 1.90 m / 75 inch long
Mini 15 cm / 6 inch wide and as long as you fancy. The scarf I photographed was 1.45 m / 57 inch.


Cast on 20 stitches for the Maxi, 15 stitches for the Midi or 10 for the Mini.
Get started using the knit stitch and stop knitting once all of your balls are all gone. If you’re knitting the Mini scarf, stop when you’re happy with the length of the scarf. To keep everything neat, only attach new balls at the end of a row. Use a crochet needle to hide the ends of balls into your scarf.

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