#8 Stitches – Crochet

#8 Stitches – Crochet
3 August 2018 Manon
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Crochet – Double Crochet

It’s time to take a look at a crochet stitch again. This time I’ve chosen a stitch that I hardly ever use in my designs. I don’t really know why I always seem to skip this stitch, it’s a great stitch that is really comfortable to create. Let me introduce you to the ‘Double Crochet’.

The abbreviation used in most crochet patterns for a double crochet (in British, treble crochet, ‘tb’) is ‘db’. In diagrams, a db is

To crochet a double crochet, follow these instructions:
– yarn over and poke your hook in the fourth chain from your hook (image 1)

– pull the yarn through the chain. There should be three loops on your hook now.

– yarn over again and pull the yarn through two hoops on your hook (image 2) There should still be two loops on your hook.

-yarn over one last time and pull the yarn through the two loops on your hook (image 3)

-there you have it, a double crochet! (image 4)

-head on to the next stitch and repeat (image 5)

This stitch has two great variations: the half double crochet (half treble crochet in British), a stitch that’s slightly shorter than the regular double crochet, and the treble crochet (double treble crochet in British), a stitch that’s slightly longer than a regular double crochet. All three of the stitches are often used in granny squares. Today we’ll only be taking a look at the double crochet but I have a surprise for you, I haven’t crocheted square swatches! Instead, I’ve crocheted round swatches. In my opinion, the double crochet stitch looks even better in a round swatch. Also, it’ll be like you’re surrounded by confetti while you read this blog. That’s wonderful, isn’t it?! We’ll be doing a little more celebrating later on in the blog…

Looking at the Charming and Must-Have confetti pieces, both of the rounds are very clear to see. I believe that the double crochet looks slightly neater in our Must-Have yarn.  The mélange of threads makes distorts the overall image a little bit, but then again it really depends on what your goal for your project is. This might be the exact look you were going for. If you want a calmer look, you could choose for Charming.

Urban looks like someone’s plait. I mentioned this in an earlier blog too. It looks so soft and the texture looks gorgeous. I’d totally turn this into a crocheted basket big enough for a cat to curl up in. Purrrrrfect!

My favorite yarn, Epic, looks great in this stitch. You can see the double crochets very clearly and the twiny nature of the thread is like no other. Last week I wasn’t a fan of what Epic looked like, but this week I’m absolutely loving it again. Yay!

Super Charming is a success too this time round. The stitch got kind of lost in Charming, but in Super Charming, you can definitely see it again.

The double crochets I created using Fresh really surprised me. They look great! And seeing this yarn and this stitch in a circular swatch really makes me want to create a poof. How awesome would that look?!

I’m not all that impressed with the circle I made using Fabulous. It looks like the twined yarns have somehow let one another go when I was yarning over. It looks a bit messy… But don’t worry! There are enough yarns that look brilliant as double crochets!

Inspired by the festive effect all of these circles had on me I decided to make some bunting. Can you remember the colorpick we had a while ago? These colors really spoke to you all on Instagram and I really had now other choice now, did I. I made these decorations for my 5-year-old sons birthday. But he obviously picked out the colors. It’s really inspired me to take on these double crochet stitches more often! I might even feature them more often in my designs…..

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