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#14 Island Stroll CAL - Week 9

Posted on 27-6-2022 by Pleun@yarnandcolors.com

#14 Island Stroll CAL

Week 9 - The Framing Part 2

This week we will continue framing so you will have all of your lovely squares in your hands a third time. With six more rounds you’ll finish your octagons and they will be ready for joining to a blanket or pillow later on. Enjoy!

This week the pattern is the same again for the blanket as well as the pillow so you’ll find one download beneath. Let Tess help you with this second part of framing with her tutorial and check her YouTube video.

Click here for the Youtube tutorial

The Framing Part 2 - Printer friendly download

For a full color PDF and more background information go to sistersinstitch.com

Enjoy making your octagons grow! Don’t forget to tag your progress on social media with #IslandStrollCAL. We can’t wait to see them all!


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