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Who remembers? One of our very first Lookbooks ever was filled with wallhangings. Sweet, sweet memories...

We’ve grown so much since then. Our collection expanded with various beautiful yarns and we’ve also said goodbye to a number of yarns.

That's why it was time to give three wall hangers from 2019 a new look. The Three is a Charm Wall Hanging, Double Trouble Wall Hanging and Dégradé Wall Hanging have now been revised. Meet version 2.0 of these beauty’s!

Of course we seized this opportunity and our designer Manon @petit_petite_nl came up with four more wall hangings. The Waterfall Wall Hanging, Weave it Wall Hanging, Wrapped Up Wall Hanging and Rainbow in a Hoop Wall Hanging are all brand new!

Our Epic, Charming, Super Must-Have, Gentle and Amazing have been used, resulting in a beautiful difference in textures in each wall hanging. Plus, they're all very easy to make; they are level 'beginner' or 'easy'. So what are you waiting for? Nothing can stop you! Which one are you going to make?


Our Three is a Charm Wall Hanging has it all; Interesting colors, beautiful textures and you get to do some crocheting too. With three metal rings and three different types of yarn you will create depth in your work.

With the Amazing we pulled a cool trick that creates a magical effect… Curious? Choose your kit or pick your own color combinations and get started!


Due to the small size, there is always room for this cutie in your house. Starting small and fanning out downwards: the Waterfall Wall Hanging is inspired by a water fall. For this wall hanging we used our Gentle and with a clever trick it gets even more volume at the bottom. Choose what fits you and cut the shape you like best at the bottom. The possibilities are endless!


Are you ready for the Double Trouble Wall Hanging? You will not have any trouble making this, because it is very suitable for beginners.

The look of this new version is actually the same as the old one, because sometimes when it’s good there is no need to change it right?! We used our Charming (instead of our discontinued Super Charming) in two contrasting colors and came up with three color combinations for you. Prefer different shades? Just choose two beautiful colors yourself!


You can keep looking at the Weave it Wall Hanging.. Is it braided? Is it woven? Either way, it is easier than you think to assemble the Weave it. Thanks to our extensive description with tutorial photos, its easy peasy!

With its modest width, striking length and sleek lines, it is a true jewel to put on any wall. By using our Super Must-Have, this wall hanging has an extra luxurious shine in the yarn in addition to the beautiful ring. Are you going for natural? Or do you opt for the more spicy and colorful version?


A soft gradient of colors in natural tones or nice and bright gradient in orange and pink tones.. The five different shades in this wall hanging give a subtle ombre effect. The Dégrade Wall Hanging will be a real eye-catcher in your home! The use of the Gentle gives the renewed version of the Dégradé Wallhanging a nice rustic character.


Get ready to be wrapped up with the Wrapped Up Wall Hanging. Three different yarns (the Gentle, Amazing and the Charming) and three different sizes in rings. You can give this wall hanging wonderful depth and texture. And the best part? It's easy too!

We came up with two color combinations, but feel free to choose a color combination that suits you.


Our take on a modern rainbow, that's what the Rainbow in a Hoop Wall Hanging is. By using different yarns (both the Gentle and the Charming were given a place of honour) and different shades in this wall Hanging, it remains exciting to look at in its simplicity. It has a generous size with its 40 cm diameter.

We came up with a muted version in natural tones and a version with bright colors for those who want a little more spice. Of course you can also follow your own style and choose the colors for your wall hanging yourself. Make a statement in your interior with the Rainbow in a Hoop Wall Hanging!


Manon better known as Petit-Petite, started crocheting in 2013. She learned it by watching Youtube videos (sounds familiar right?). Her first project was a simple baby blanket, soon a stuffed animal followed and not long after she was unstoppable.

Manon shared her new projects on Instagram, where she can be found as @petit_petite_nl. Besides her fellow instagrammers, she also got approached by famous magazines and bloggers. That’s when her journey on designing patterns for others started.

Besides Instagram, she started blogging on her own website www.petit-petite.nl in 2016. To celebrate the launch of her new website she designed a pattern in collaboration with Yarn and Colors. When the chance came to elaborate this partnership she seized the opportunity. Manon has been our in-house designer and a proud member of our Yarn and Colors family for quite some years now. She designed a lot of popular designs from fashion to home deco. Which one is your favourite?

One of the results from this collaboration is in front of you. In this lookbook you can find five patterns that have been designed by Petit-Petite for Yarn and Colors.

Would you like to share your projects with us on social media,
please use hashtag #yarnandcolors

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