Lookbook #6 Rainbow is here! It was inspired by the vibrant shades you can sometimes see in the sky. All five designs are from Suzanne (@made.by.su) and are made from our Epic yarn using shades to match this natural phenomenon.

So which of these five designs are you going to make? Are you going for the RAINBOW RUG or the matching RAINBOW ROLL? Or do you prefer to decorate your favourite room with the RAINBOW FLAG LINE or shed some light with THE RAINBOW LAMP? Last but not least: what are you going to store in your RAINBOW BASKET?

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Light and water droplets cause rainbows to appear in the sky. For our RAINBOW RUG you’ll also need light, but we’ve combined it with 58 balls of Epic yarn. Summon your rainbow on demand by crocheting this colorful eyecatcher. When you’re finished the rug will be approximately 150cm by 75cm.


Decorate your horizon using the RAINBOW FLAG LINE. Consisting out of vibrant squares, triangles, pentagons and hexagons held together by the rainbow itself. With a total length of 3 meter you can easily cover some distance.


Rainbows are formed by light entering and bending out of water droplets. The light reflects and refracts resulting in a colorful spectrum. Imagine this while crocheting the RAINBOW LAMP as you will be creating your own rainbow. It will come alive when you turn on the light and won’t fade until you say so. We’ll leave out the water for safety reasons 😉


Did you know that a rainbow is actually a full circle but that down on earth we can only see a part of it? There are two options to see this yourself experience: 1) get up high in the sky and see if you’re lucky enough to see one or 2) crochet our RAINBOW ROLL and you’re absolutely sure you’ll see it!


The RAINBOW BASKET is made using two threads held together to make it sturdy. When finished, the basket will be approximately 28cm in diameter and 10cm high. Convenient for storing small items such as crafting tools, toys or to hide those amazing looking diapers. We’re curious what you’ll store when you’re finished!



All designs are made from our Epic yarn and therefore are 100% cotton. We picked two classic color combinations to make all five designs in.

The bright combination consist of 032 Pepper, 020 Orange, 013 Sunglow, 082 Grass, 062 Larimar, 058 Amethyst, 055 Lilac and 002 Cream

The  pastel combination consist of 044 Pastel Pink, 016 Cantaloupe, 011 Golden Glow, 075 Green Ice, 074 Opaline Glass, 064 Nordic Blue, 052 Orchid and 002 Cream.

Do you prefer your own color combination? We would love a ton-sur-ton combination with all greens or pinks. All is possible! You can order everything you need seperately. From pattern to inner (cylindrical) cushion.


My name is Suzanne, I’m 32 years old and live with my boyfriend in a small village in the beautiful surrounding of the river de Waal in the Netherlands. I started crocheting 10 years ago with videos of the internet. In my opinion, it really is the best way to learn stitches. I started making beanies for friends, but actually didn’t really know what I was technically doing with my needle.

That changed when I started working at a company that sells wool and got in contact with other crocheters. I really got inspired and when I saw a design that I didn’t understand, my tendency was to figure it out.

When Yarn and Colors started, I got involved in testing the new yarns and got the free hand in designing for them, making patterns of everything I wanted to make or learn. It was a great opportunity for me and I became the first Yarn and Colors designer, the so called ‘huishaakster’ (in-home crocheter).

Because crocheting is something I control, it eases my mind and gives me peace. The most fun part for me is the mathematic side of it. Creating a pattern is a lot of counting stitches and make sure everything fits and is written down correctly. That is what I love about designing a pattern.

I would like to thank Yarn and Colors for the opportunity to create this Rainbow Collection. It was great fun and I did it with love.

I hope you will enjoy the Rainbow project(s) and I am very curious for your experiences. You can follow me at Instagram @made.by.su. Please tag your project with the hashtag #YACLookbookRainbow. I’d love to see the results!

Love, Su