Lookbook #14 - BEST OF 2020

I am proud to present to you the: “BEST OF 2020 EBOOK”. This digital artwork represents the beautiful work my team and our fellow designers have accomplished. Experience our journey throughout the year with the LOOKBOOK FAVORITES. Or jump straight into this year’s conclusion with the MOST LOVED PATTERNS OF 2020. Everything is up to you as it’s our goal that you can CRAFT WITHOUT LIMITS.

The Yarn and Colors philosophy

Making you able to CRAFT WITHOUT LIMITS is the very foundation of Yarn and Colors. This was clear on the first day the company was founded in 2016. How we want to achieve this? By keeping things simple.

You can combine a wide variety of colorful yarns in many different compositions. For instance, the Must-have cotton or perhaps our Serene merino? With shades coming from the same range combining them was never that easy. Our 015 Mustard for instance is always 015 Mustard, no matter the composition.

Our inspirational patterns are offered to you through our Lookbooks. Every month new patterns are published in corporation with well-known and different designers. By combining different styles and crafts you can see a glimpse of the creative possibilities you can achieve.

Every image, pattern and kit that’s put up for display, is made with Yarn and Colors. This way you are assured that those expeditions to find all required items belong to the past. Speaking about patterns, all the required information, images, tutorials and drawings are included, in four languages!

Last but not least

All this has been made in close corporation with my team and our fellow designers. Together we’re able to make sure you can craft without limits. Bottom-line, we do all of this for you. You are the crafter who works with our products, the liker of our content, the downloader of our ebook and patterns, the supporter of our dealers and many more. For this, we can’t thank you enough.

On behalf of the entire team, enjoy the contents of our first “BEST OF” serie and see you again with the BEST OF 2021.


Founder and CEO


  • Digital download
  • Languages: Dutch, German, English UK and English US
  • 16 patterns: 13 crochet patterns, 2 knitting patterns and 1 wall hanging
  • 9 designers
  • Pages: 88 pages
  • Price: €25,00





This e-book contains patterns from nine different designers. Curious to find out who made each design? Meet the makers!

  • Classic Jumper / Manon / @petit_petite_nl
  • Slouchy Pouch / Manon / @petit_petite_nl
  • Soft Serene Socks / Marloes / @juffrouw_haak
  • Bobbles Cushion / Manon / @petit_petite_nl
  • Twist Wall Hanging / Manon / @petit_petite_nl
  • Clean Cloths / Jacqueline / @huisenhaak
  • Must-Have Plant Holder / Sam / @littlebudcreations
  • Rainbow Roll / Suzanne />/li>
  • Circles and Spirals Blanket / Fran / @crochetlovemelbourne
  • Tank Top / Manon / @petit_petite_nl
  • Striped Jumper Color Block / Manon / @petit_petite_nl
  • Foldable Net Bag / Margreet / @knotjeknus
  • Criss Cross Dot Scarf / Jolanda / @_naald5
  • Everlasting Eucalyptus / Manon / @petit_petite_nl
  • Sunrise Sweater / Emilia / @coffeeandcrocheting

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