Classic Jumper

Classic Jumper

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Meet the CLASSIC JUMPER, made from our Baby Fabulous which makes it airy and flowy. The Classic Jumper has a boxy fit with slim sleeves. Are you a big fan of oversized and cropped sweaters? This is going to be your favorite sweater!

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Basics and classics you can’t go wrong with, we love them over here at Yarn and Colors. Our designer Manon, also known as Petit-Petite, has designed quite a few. A while ago she designed the Striped Jumper, which is a knitting pattern. Because there are also lots of crocheters who love stripes and making sweaters we decided to add a crochet edition of the Striped Jumper to the Classic Wear Lookbook.


You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

Depending on the size:

  • S 13 (10 base color, 3 for the stripes) / M 14 (11 base color, 3 for the stripes) / L 16 (12 base color, 4 for the stripes) / XL 17 balls of Baby Fabulous (13 base color, 4 for the stripes)
  • 1 pattern


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