Graphic Scarf

Graphic Scarf

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Graphic prints combined with an explosion of colors, does it get any better? The GRAPHIC SCARF, designed by Jorina (@crochetrainbowtales), has it all! It is made from ten balls of Baby Fabulous in five different colors. With a range of 35 different colors Baby Fabulous we are very curious to see what you come up with.

The GRAPHIC SCARF is a design from Jorina (@crochetrainbowtales) and is part of Lookbook #7 Baby Fabulous Contest

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045 Blossom045 Blossom064 Nordic Blue064 Nordic Blue
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Product Details

You can buy the kit or the pattern only. The kit is available in two color schemes.

The first combination consist of 064 Nordic Blue, 086 Peony Leaf, 015 Mustard, 035 Girly Pink and 032 Pepper.

The second combination consist of 045 Blossom, 035 Girly Pink, 002 Cream, 026 Satay and 015 Mustard.

The kit contains everything you need:

  • 1 pattern
  • 10 balls Baby Fabulous (2 of each color)


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