Lots of Dots Wrap

Lots of Dots Wrap

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Dots (don’t we all love ‘em?) are the base for the LOTS OF DOTS WRAP. This wrap is made with 10 balls of Zen and one ball of Must-Have in a ton-sur-ton color. Because of the open lace motif with picots you can wear it as a scarf during spring but also wrap it around you when you are outside on a breezy summer night.

1. Color

002 Cream002 Cream101 Rosé101 Rosé

2. Kit or pattern

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Product Details

You can buy the kit or the pattern only. The kit contains everything you need:

  • 10 balls Zen
  • 1 ball Must-Have
  • pattern

The kit is available in two colors: 101 Rose or 002 Cream


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