Must-Have Cushion

Must-Have Cushion

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“Although at first sight of the MUST-HAVE CUSHION the design may look basic, the texture and gleam from the yarn really gives it that luxury feel.

It is finished with slip stitching around the final perimeter of the cushion using a contrasting colour. This gives the MUST-HAVE CUSHION character and can be colour matched to perhaps a statement piece of furniture or theme.

Then come the tassels. For the Look book I have opted to strip this back, and keep in clean and true to boho vibes. But, mixing 4-6 colours for the tassels can really make this piece stand out from the crowd!”

The MUST-HAVE CUSHION is a design from Little Bud Creations (@littlebudcreations) and is part of our Lookbook #5 Must-Haves with Sam

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002 Cream002 Cream039 Salmon039 Salmon070 Petroleum070 Petroleum
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You can buy the kit or the pattern only.

The kit contains everything you need:
• 7 balls of Must-Have (Main color 002 Cream with 089 Gold / Main color 069 Petroleum with 025 Brownie / Main color 039 Salmon with 015 Mustard)
• 1 Inner Cushion 40×40 cm
• 1 pattern


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