Rainbow Lamp

Rainbow Lamp

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Lookbook Rainbow was inspired by the vibrant shades you can sometimes see in the sky. So is our RAINBOW LAMP, made from our Epic yarn using shades to match this natural phenomenon.

Rainbows are formed by light entering and bending out of water droplets. The light reflects and refracts resulting in a colorful spectrum. Imagine this while crocheting the RAINBOW LAMP as you will be creating your own rainbow. It will come alive when you turn on the light and won’t fade until you say so. We’ll leave out the water for safety reasons 😉

The RAINBOW LAMP is a design from Made by Su (@made.by.su) and is part of our Lookbook #6 Rainbow

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032 Pepper032 Pepper046 Pastel Pink046 Pastel Pink
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Product Details

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit is available in two color schemes: bright and pastel.

The bright combination consist of 032 Pepper, 020 Orange, 013 Sunglow, 082 Grass, 062 Larimar, 058 Amethyst, 055 Lilac and 002 Cream

The pastel combination consist of 044 Pastel Pink, 016 Cantaloupe, 011 Golden Glow, 075 Green Ice, 074 Opaline Glass, 064 Nordic Blue, 052 Orchid and 002 Cream

The kit contains everything you need:

  • 1 pattern
  • 11 balls Epic
  • 2 gold Metal Rings 15 cm (6”) diameter
  • 3 gold Metal Rings 20 cm (8”) diameter



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