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1-12 of 25 products

  • Epic

    Sometimes it is evident how to name a new yarn. For this yarn we chose the name Epic. Did you already found out why?
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Must-have

    A Must-have for every knitting- and crochet addict! Made from 100% mercerized cotton and available in 100 colors. Which is your favorite?
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Must-have Minis

    Cute, small, adorable, colorful and practical. That would summarize the Must-have Minis by Yarn and Colors. Can you resist them?
  • Charming

    Sometimes a yarn can mesmerize you. This is the feeling we got when we created Charming! What would you create?
  • Fabulous

    The best of a cotton and acrylic yarn in one? It's Fabulous. This yarn is soft, versatile and colorful. What would you create?
  • Super Charming

    Do you have the Charming but only slightly thicker? We have now, meet our Super Charming! What would you create?
  • Furry

    It's so Furry! That's what we thought when this yarn came in. And you can use it for so many purposes. What about Amigurumi? Or accessories? Or perhaps clothing? We can't wait to try it all. How about you?
  • Super Must-have

    What do you get when you double the Must-have in size? Well, then you get the Super Must-have. A great pick for larger projects.

    The Yarn and Colors shade cards - see, feel and combine colors. With these cards you can now do this easily at home! Available for our Must-have, Must-have Minis and Epic yarn.
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Urban

    Sturdiness and robustness but still soft and delicate. That summarizes our Urban yarn. Lovely for those chunky projects. Which color would you choose?
  • Sold out

    Maxi Cardigan

    We are sure that the Maxi cardigan is your new daily wear. Why? Because it's super comfortable! And the best part is that you can create it yourself. Only question left, what color matches best with your wardrobe?
  • Butterfly Effect CAL 2019

    Finally, it's there! The Butterfly Effect CAL hosted and designed by the lovely ladies of SistersInStich and Yarn and Colors. Get to play with our Must-have yarn, different stitches and the art of negative space. In 10 weeks' time you're project will transform in this stunning blanket. Exactly like a butterfly. Want to see it for yourself? Join our BECAL and pre-order now.