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    Panda Stuffing 250 grams – This extra soft stuffing is ideal for stuffing amigurumi, decorative cushions or other handcraft projects. The stuffing is made from 100% polyester. Thanks to the hollow fibers, the stuffing is lightweight, extra voluminous and super springy. Additionally, your project can be washed at 40 ⁰C.
    The softest stuffing you could wish for!
  • Circular connectors

    Now your interchangeable cables have even more options! Use this cable connector to attach two cables together into an extra long cord! This is very useful for knitting blankets, shawls, or lengthwise scarves. There is a hole in the center of this cable connector, so you can tighten it with a key, the same way that you attach a cable to a needle tip.
  • Must-Have Cushion

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    "Although at first sight of the MUST-HAVE CUSHION the design may look basic, the texture and gleam from the yarn really gives it that luxury feel. It is finished with slip stitching around the final perimeter of the cushion using a contrasting colour. This gives the MUST-HAVE CUSHION character and can be colour matched to perhaps a statement piece of furniture or theme. Then come the tassels. For the Look book I have opted to strip this back, and keep in clean and true to boho vibes. But, mixing 4-6 colours for the tassels can really make this piece stand out from the crowd!" The MUST-HAVE CUSHION is a design from Little Bud Creations (@littlebudcreations) and is part of our Lookbook #5 Must-Haves with Sam
  • Simple Scarf

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    If you want to start to learn crochet or knitting it is always difficult to pick your projects. The SIMPLE SCARF is the perfect pattern to start with. With these easy stitches you’ll learn and practise the basics of crochet or knitting. You’ll also learn to change color in your work. Perfect right? What are you waiting for? Go make your own SIMPLE SCARF! The SIMPLE SCARF is a design from Huis & Haak (@huisenhaak) and is part of our Lookbook #4 Rookie
  • Less Is More Wall Hanging

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    At Yarn and Colors we strongly believe LESS IS MORE. This Wall Hanging embodies that statement. With different colors Must-Have Mini’s and Black, Rosé, Gold or Silver Metal Rings you can create different looks and feels. What is your favourite combination?
  • Dégradé Wall Hanging

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    The DÉGRADÉ WALL HANGING is our version of a modern rainbow. The five different colors give this wall hanging a subtle ombre effect and make it a real eye-catcher for in your home.
  • Candy Cushion

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    Doesn’t this cushion remind you of some yummy candy? We immediatly wanted to take a bite! The CANDY CUSHION is a knitting pattern, suitable for beginners. Which colors would you choose?
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  • Inner cushion round 50 cm

    Inner Cushion Round 50 cm - A wonderful large cushion that is perfect for relaxing against on the sofa in the evening. The round inner cushion has a diameter of 50 cm. You can create your own fabulous cushion cover.
    An ideal base for gorgeous decorative cushions!

    Inner Cushion Square 50 cm x 50 cm - Looking for a good base for making gorgeous decorative cushions? Then you've found it! This square inner cushion, measuring 50 x 50 cm, is ideal. Grab your favorite yarn and patterns and get started!
    An ideal base for gorgeous decorative cushions!

    Inner Cushion Square 40 cm x 40 cm - If you want fabulous decorative cushions that match your interior decor, make them yourself! This square inner cushion with a measurement of 40 x 40 cm is the perfect base. Which color will you get started with?
    An ideal base for gorgeous decorative cushions!
  • Rainbow Basket

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    Lookbook Rainbow was inspired by the vibrant shades you can sometimes see in the sky. So is our RAINBOW BASKET, made from our Epic yarn using shades to match this natural phenomenon. The RAINBOW BASKET is made using two threads held together to make it sturdy. When finished, the basket will be approximately 28cm in diameter and 10cm high. Convenient for storing small items such as crafting tools, toys or to hide those amazing looking diapers. The RAINBOW BASKET is a design from Made by Su ( and is part of our Lookbook #6 Rainbow