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Lookbook #19 - ZEN ON THE GO


Are you going for a quick stroll or are you running small errands? Make sure you go in style with these go-to items!

Our designer Manon (@petit_petite_nl) designed five "go-to" items to go. All made with our Zen, which is now available in 16 different shades. She picked her ten favorite shades and made a graphic but colorful lookbook. We love it!

This lookbook contains three bags such as the cool STRIPED TOTE BAG and the PETIT PURSE. Both great bags for different purposes. The STRIPED TOTE BAG is perfect for doing groceries and the PETIT PURSE is great to keep your phone and keys in when you're just running a small errand. What about the PERKY POUCH? A small tapestry project which is very fun to make. We can't wait to see what you'll store in your PERKY POUCH.

The STRIPED SCARF is a knitting pattern and a great way to complete your (spring) look. Do you prefer crochet? Meet the SLOUCHY STRIPES SHAWL, an airy scarf with staggered stripes. Fun to make in one color, but also great in two shades.

The choice is yours! We look forward to see your projects. Share your creations with #yarnandcolors #YACzenonthego


An airy scarf with staggered stripes, meet the SLOUCHY STRIPES SHAWL. Make it in one -, or make it using two different colors. This is a crochet project for when you like rhythmic crochet with an occasional color transition to keep it from getting boring. What are you waiting for? Go and make your own Slouchy Stripes Shawl!

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 12 balls of Zen (8 in color A, 4 in color B)
  • 1 pattern


The PERKY POUCH is crocheted with the tapestry technique for when you feel like something different. The technique is clearly described (with tuto photos) and the pattern contains a color chart. The Perky Pouch is a sturdy case with an asymmetrical, graphic print. We close the pouch with a crocheted button, but with a zipper in it is also fantastic.

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 6 balls Zen (2 of the base color, 1 of any other shade)
  • 1 pattern


The STRIPED SCARF is a great way to complete your (spring) look. It is knitted alternating Zen and Must-Have to give it an extra edge. With its length around 300 cm the Striped Scarf is long, longer, longest! It is designed by Manon (@petit_petite_nl) and looks great on everybody, so it makes the perfect gift for your loved one. In what colors are you going to make yours?!

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 5 balls Zen color A
  • 2 balls Zen color B
  • 2 balls Must-Have
  • 1 pattern


Are you up for a challenge? The PETIT PURSE is a perfect project for you! Its a small, but challenging pattern. And with the help of our clear tutorial photo’s and the pattern we are sure you are able to make your own Petit Purse.

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 2 balls Zen
  • 1 pattern


A tote bag, who doesn't use it on a daily basis? But why use a standard one if you can make this one yourself? The STRIPED TOTE BAG has a cool stripe pattern so that crocheting this bag is never boring. Its nice and big so it fits a lot of groceries. We made three color options. All slightly different so there is always one that fits your style.

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 8 balls Zen (5 of color A, 3 of color B)
  • 1 pattern


Manon better known as Petit-Petite, started crocheting in 2013. She learned it by watching Youtube videos (sounds familiar right?). Her first project was a simple baby blanket, soon a stuffed animal followed and not long after she was unstoppable.

Manon shared her new projects on Instagram, where she can be found as @petit_petite_nl. Besides her fellow instagrammers, she also got approached by famous magazines and bloggers. That’s when her journey on designing patterns for others started.

Besides Instagram, she started blogging on her own website www.petit-petite.nl in 2016. To celebrate the launch of her new website she designed a pattern in collaboration with Yarn and Colors. When the chance came to elaborate this partnership she seized the opportunity. Manon has been our in-house designer and a proud member of our Yarn and Colors family for quite some years now. She designed a lot of popular designs from fashion to home deco. Which one is your favourite?

One of the results from this collaboration is in front of you. In this lookbook you can find five patterns that have been designed by Petit-Petite for Yarn and Colors.

Would you like to share your projects with us on social media,
please use hashtag #yarnandcolors

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