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Lookbook #20 - SUMMER IN THE CITY


Finally, summer is here. We’ve been waiting so long. This lookbook is full of pastel shades and light and airy designs. Karin (@karinvanhaasteren) made six unique designs which give you the ultimate summer feeling.

There are five designs and kits, and with the leftovers Karin also designed a freebie pattern on our blog: the LEFTOVER BUNTING.

The only question that left is, with what design are you going to celebrate summer?! Karin designed home deco, fashion accessoires and a stunner blanket. Are you going to .. up your garden and knit the “XX” CUSHION or do you prefer to grab your crochet hook and make your own CONNECT THE DOTS CUSHION?

You could also make the IT’S A WRAP or IT’S A SCARF, beautiful summer fashion accessoires both crochet and made with Favorite.

And who doesn’t love a granny square? Karin has made one which is modern and timeless at the same time. Combine that with her great colorscheme and we got ourselves a winner: the HIP TO BE SQUARE BLANKET.

We can’t wait to see your Summer in the City projects. Please share your makes with #YACSummerintheCity and tag @yarnandcolors. Have fun!


A big triangle wrap, made with Favorite and therefore light and airy.. say hi to IT’S A WRAP! A perfect ‘Summer in the City’ project because despite of hot weather you can grab this project and start working on this breezy 100% cotton project

The fringes give this romantic design a little boho touch and you can wrap this beauty around you on chilly summer mornings or breezy summer nights. With 35 colors of Favorite to choose from we are very curious to see which color your IT’S A WRAP is going to be!

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 6 balls Favorite
  • 1 pattern


Granny Squares, who doesn’t love them? A real classic, but these ones have a modern twist. Karin (@karinvanhaasteren) has combined the classic Granny Square with our Yarn and Colors style. Romantic and graphic at the same time and using many of our popular shades. We absolutely love the HIP TO BE SQUARE BLANKET!

This blanket is made with Must-Have and in two color ways: neutrals with pink and neutrals with green. The complete kits are available from the beginning of July.

You can buy the digital pattern only. The kit is available from the beginning of July:

  • 17 balls Must-Have in the base color. 2 balls of three colors and 1 ball of 8 colors. You need a total of 31 balls of Must-Have
  • 1 pattern


The perfect combination of sweet and cool, that’s the XX CUSHION. The X’s are made knitting bobble stitch and worked in the cotton acrylic blend Fabulous. This cushion is big and beautiful with its size of 50x50 cm and looks good in every garden. The kits are available in the beautiful neutral 003 Ecru or go sweet and pick 101 Rosé.

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 8 balls Fabulous
  • Inner cushion 50x50 cm
  • 1 pattern


Finish your summer look by adding this beautiful light and lacey IT’S A SCARF. A mindful crochet project made with Favorite and designed by Karin (@karinvanhaasteren). Throw it on when you are strolling through the city in a linen jumpsuit or your favorite summer dress. What are you going to wear with your IT’S A SCARF?

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 3 balls Favorite
  • 1 pattern


Connect the dots, we’ve all done it in our childhood. Connecting dots and seeing an image appear.. Magic, right? It popped into our minds seeing this beautiful design from Karin (@karinvanhaasteren).

The CONNECT THE DOTS CUSHION has a cool look because of the use of the cotton acrylic blend Fabulous and looks graphic because of the use of two contrasting colors. With its size of 40x40 cm there’s always room on your garden sofa.

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 7 balls Fabulous in color A, 2 balls Fabulous in color B
  • 1 inner cushion 40x40 cm
  • 1 pattern


Which maker doesn’t have loads and loads of leftovers? Not enough to make another project, but way too beautiful to let them go to waste. Karin (@karinvanhaasteren) has got the solution for you: the LEFTOVER BUNTING!

This easy peasy (free!) crochet pattern makes a beautiful bunting. Get your leftovers, grab a 3.0 mm crochet hook and spend all your spare minutes working on this fun project! Before you know it you can complete your LEFTOVER BUNTING.

Click here for the blogpost with the free pattern.


Hi! I am Karin, married to Kees, mother of two sons and a daughter and teacher at primary school. In my spare time I’m always knitting.

At a young age I learned to knit from my mother and at school. My first knitting project was a scarf for my doll. I learned to crochet from my grandmother. She crocheted cool vests with fringes, made from granny squares, for all her granddaughters.

With scraps of wool, which I got from everyone around me, I also started crocheting granny squares. These granny squares, in many different colors, I turned into a bedspread for in my bedroom.

I have always knitted and crocheted. Sweaters and cardigans for myself, baby jumpers, curtains, bedspreads, pillows and later on scarfs, hats, shawls and blankets. I always have something on my needles.

I started to share my creations on Instagram (@karinvanhaasteren). There I was often asked whether my scarfs were also for sale and that's how I started knitting orders. Exciting, but also a lot of fun, to make something on commission.

As you can probably tell from my Instagram feed and this lookbook, I often work with basic colors, such as shades of beige and grey. My preference for natural and calm colors is also reflected in my house and garden.

I am a fan of Yarn and Colors and their fine, cotton yarns, with the beautiful graphic labels. The yarn is wonderful to work with and it is great that they have so many beautiful colors to choose from.

For the Lookbook 'Summer in the City' I designed two pillows, a scarf, a shawl, a bunting and a granny square blanket. The designs and color scheme represent me as a designer and I’m very excited to share it with you. Please share your makes with #YACsummerinthecity

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