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Autumn is here! And while we la-la-looove the summer, we find crafting in autumn pure bliss. The only question is, what kind of project are you going to make? How about some trendy crochet fashion? Emilia has designed five new crochet patterns for us, in her signature style with various Yarn and Colors yarns. These are Emilia's Fall Favorites! 

What you are going to find in this lookbook? Well.. two cardigans, two sweaters and one fabulous hoodie! Made in a fantastic color scheme, with our Elegant, Baby Fabulous and/or Serene yarn. Go check out your favorite!

When you are up for making your own cardi, the Mayfield Cardigan or the Summer Hill Cardigan are for you. Prefer to make a sweater? Go and check out the Deco Waves Sweater or the Junction Sweater. Emilia also designed a very unique piece, the Peppercorn Hoodie. Which one is your favorite?

All patterns are written for sizes XS up to XXL and contain detailed sketches and photo tutorials. As usual you can buy the kit or the patterns only. The choice is yours!

Did you know you can also buy a complete Pattern Bundle and buy all patterns for an affordable price? Get all five patterns and only pay for four.

Please use #YACEmiliasFallFavorites when you want to show off your garments. We’d love to see the results!


Bobble stitch, our Elegant yarn, invisible pockets and an oversized look. What more could you want in one design? The Mayfield Cardigan has it all! You can throw this cool staple piece over a dress or wear it with your favorite autumn outfit. It is designed by Emilia (@coffeeandcrocheting) and made with our Elegant yarn - which gives it a nice soft touch and makes it cozy and warm. The pattern can be made from XS to size XXL.

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • XS 18 / S 21 / M 23 / L 24 / XL 28 / XXL 30 balls Elegant
  • 1 pattern


The Summer Hill Cardigan is your new fall fashion favorite! Designed by Emilia (@coffeeandcrocheting) with our super soft Serene. The pattern is for sizes XS up to XXL. It feels great and you can tie it in front as well as behind your back. Wear it with jeans, a flared or just over a dress. Pick your favorite!

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • XS 13 / S 14 / M 15 / L 17 / XL 19 / XXL 21 balls Serene
  • 1 pattern


The Junction Sweater is a design by Emilia (@coffeeandcrocheting) and is completely on trend. With a beautiful V-neckline and the use of the playful bobble stitch its going to be your new fall fashion favorite! It is made with the Serene, which makes it extra soft and nice and warm. In what color are you going to make your Junction Sweater?

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • XS 12 / S 14 / M 15 / L 17 / XL 19 / XXL 20 balls Serene
  • 1 pattern


Romantic vs. cool, that’s the Peppercorn Tree Hoodie. With its beautiful lace motif and the hood this design is super unique! Designed by Emilia (@coffeeandcrocheting) in our Elegant. The kit is available in the color 090 Olive or in 006 Taupe, but you can of course also make your own choice and get the pattern separately. The choice is yours!

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • XS 15 / S 17 / M 19 / L 21 / XL 23 / XXL 24 balls Elegant
  • 1 pattern


Have you seen the beautiful texture in the Deco Waves Sweater? This design is really a joy to make and to wear. Made with our Baby Fabulous and available as a kit in the beautiful neutral 005 Clay or in the amazing shade 029 Burgundy. Wear this beauty with your go-to denim or with a maxi skirt and you are immediately ready to go.

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • • XS 11 / S 12 / M 13 / L 14 / XL 16 / XXL 17 balls Baby Fabulous
  • 1 pattern


As a way to practice fine motor skills, Emilia (also known on Instagram as @coffeeandcrocheting) started to crochet after joining medical school. Quickly this hobby turned in to a job on the side after she had designed her first own garment. What she likes most about designing? Combining crochet, creativity, problem-solving and math.

Emilia is a 31-year-old Scandinavian designer who loves minimalism and simplicity but isn’t afraid to mix it up with colors and patterns. She has designed for Yarn and Colors before, when she won the Baby Fabulous Contest in March 2020 and created Lookbook 13, Daydreams by Emilia in November 2020. This time we asked her again to help us out with making a complete lookbook with crocheted garments only – her specialty - using different yarns from our brand.

As Emilia says herself: “ Designing lets me dream, grow and focus. I get to use and capture my experiences from my surroundings, travels, nature and everyday life and combine them into something beautiful. “

Her goal is is to design timeless pieces that will stay in your closet for a long time. The patterns are easy and beginner friendly but still motivating and fun for the more experienced crocheter.

Please use #YACEmiliasFallFavorites when you want to show off your garments. We’d love to see the results!

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