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Lookbook #30 - BE GENTLE


To celebrate one of our newest yarns, our Gentle – made from recycled materials – we wanted to release a lookbook which is centered about being gentle. Being gentle for yourself, for your loved ones, to the earth and combining that with making this yourself gives you double the pleasure.

We teamed up with Hedwig (@studiohedwig), because of her love of sustainable and recycled yarns. The designs she makes with it are timeless and the products will last a long time. With her choice for yarns with a sustainable origin she hopes to make a small contribution to a better world.

The color palette for this lookbook is based on beautiful neutrals with pops of colors. Lookbook #30 Be Gentle is filled with beautiful home deco designs such as the Be Gentle Cushion and the Be Gentle Table Runner. You’ll also find items for daily use such as the Be Gentle Washcloths, the Be Gentle Kitchen Cloths and the Be Gentle Bottle Holder. All five designs match the idea of recycling, sustainability and being gentle for yourself, your loved ones and the earth.

Please use #YACBeGentle and show us your makes. We can’t wait to see your creations!


In the spirit of sustainability we all use a reusable bottle these days. But what if you only want to take your bottle with you and want to work handsfree? Designer Hedwig (@studiohedwig) designed this Be Gentle Bottle Holder for that occasion.

Due to the grid of the stitches, the color of your bottle remains visible. The water bottle holder is suitable for a water bottle with with a diameter of 6.5 cm.

For the detail of the leaves on the handles, Hedwig was inspired by the leaves on the label of the Gentle yarn. How cool is that?! The only question left is.. What color are you going to make yours in?


Small and large, suitable as a dish cloth, as a towel or as a bread towel.. Meet the Be Gentle Kitchen Cloths! These multifunctional cloths are designed by Hedwig (@studiohedwig) and have a beautiful texture due to the waffle stitch, which is accentuated by the bold stripes. In a kit you'll find the materials for making a complete set. In the pattern both sizes of the kitchen cloths are described. We're curious to see which colors you'll choose!


Be Gentle and crochet a fantastic pillow for yourself or for someone else! The Be Gentle Cushion has a beautiful structure and is a perfect addition to any interior. Indoors or out, the choice is yours! Opt for a soft contrast in colors with 001 White and 004 Birch or a little more spice with 004 Birch and 091 Khaki. Or do you get the pattern separately and make your own color-mix? We are curious about your version.


Crocheting a pile of these for yourself or just gifting one with soap in it, the Be Gentle Washcloths are a wonderful project. Due to the extremely soft Gentle yarn, they are very suitable for making a washcloth and therefore very 'Gentle' in use.

This design by Hedwig (@studiohedwig) has a beautiful structure and a bold stripe in an accent color. They have a handy loop to hang up your washcloth, or you can keep them rolled up in your bathroom or guest room. Which color combo are you going for?


Dinner for 4 or dinner for 2, it's all possible with the Be Gentle Table Runner. Decorate your table by laying it lengthwise or across the table. Do you get more guests or is your table bigger? Simply crochet the pattern in the desired size! This table runner is crocheted lengthwise, creating a surprising interplay of lines in use. And have you spotted all the ingenious re-use of the yarn ends by incorporating them into the fringes? So no weaving in ends!


My name is Hedwig van der Laan. I live in Zeist, The Netherlands with my husband and our 2 cats. We have 3 children who have just started working or are still studying.

I started StudioHedwig in 2016, after crocheting and knitting a series of pillows and throws for ourselves. I enjoyed doing that so much, that I also wanted to make interior accessories for others. I crochet and knit my home deco on request and since 2019 I also make knitting and crochet patterns. On my website studiohedwig.nl and on my Facebook and Instagram pages @studiohedwig you can see what I make.

The yarns I work with are sustainable, natural and mostly recycled. The designs I make with it are timeless and the products last a long time. With my choice for yarns with a sustainable origin I hope to make a small contribution to a better world. I hope to inspire you with the designs in this Lookbook that I made with the beautiful, soft, recycled Gentle yarn.

Knitting, crocheting and making clothes has been my great passion from an early age. I work part-time at a consultancy company for chemistry legislation and I combine this with StudioHedwig. In addition, I am a member of the Board of Advisors of EDsnaps, an educational non-profit, based in New York.

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