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Lookbook #31 - GRANNY'S LOOKBOOK


Granny squares are known as a bit old-fashioned, but lately they are totally on trend. We wanted to jump on that occasion and create a lookbook, totally in granny square style and on trend – but keeping the granny style alive! Say hi to our newest lookbook: #31 Granny's Lookbook

For this Lookbook we have asked multiple designers to create an unique look and five totally different designs. In this lookbook you can find something for every style. We asked Dorien (@pop_i_dots), Claudia (@okariconcepts), Jantine (@vrolijkhaakmeisje), Jorina (@dehaakbubbel) and Jolanda (@_naald5) to help us out. We proudly present you their creations: Granny's Project Bag, Granny's Beach Bag, Granny's Shiny Cushion (do you spot the shine?), Granny's Diamond Cushion and Granny's Shawl!

And did you know all designs are made with a different yarns (Epic, Baby Fabulous, Gentle, Super Must-Have and Amazing). We haven't said too much when saying 'something for every style', haven't we? Take a quick look with us and choose your favorite!

Please use#YACGrannysLookbook when you share your creations on socials. We can't wait to see!


There's no such thing as having enough project bags (our to-make list is endless). And.. sorry not sorry - you'll want to make this one too. Granny's Project Bag was designed by Claudia (@okariconcepts) and it is such an amazing design made with our Baby Fabulous. Sturdy due to the crochet lining and with enough pockets for your patterns and tools. The details of the sturdy handle and the braided closure give this bag an unique look. Claudia chose two color combinations for us. Which one is your favorite?


Hi, my name is Claudia Aaldijk and I live in Raamsdonksveer, a little village in the south of the Netherlands. I am married to Martin and we have a son named Lars. I have always been creative, around the age of six I learned to crochet from one of my grandmothers and knitting from the other one. At the age of 10 I lost interest in knitting and crochet and I started drawing, later also painting and I started to sew my own clothes. During my financial studies I always wanted to make my own stuff instead of studying, so it took me a long time to get my degrees (but I finally did ;-) ).

In 2002 we bought an old house from before 1900, so all my creativity went in rebuilding and redecorating the house. When in 2013 our son Lars was born, I started to blog about interior decoration stuff (www.goodlives.nl), I also started to knit and crochet again, mostly items for in my house. Later I started posting pictures on Instagram with colorful crocheted items on @cottonandcandlesnl

Color and combining colors makes me happy. Soft pastel shades, combined with a bright accent. Sweet combined with cool. A little quirky. Old combined with new... Mixing and matching is characteristic for me. I always add with a bright touch, so that it is in balance. Making color combinations is what I love most about starting a new project!

But I also like basic DIY projects, and they didn’t fit in between the colorful items, so I made a third Instagram account named @okariconcepts. My knitting and crochet became everyday hobbies and I started with designing my own patterns. I was really excited when Yarn and Colors asked me to make a design for one of their lookbooks. I hope to make many more designs in the future.

You can see more of my work on my blog www.cottonandcandles.nl and on my Instagram pages @okariconcepts and @cottonandcandlesnl


Four big grannies and a beautiful finish, those are the ingredients for Granny's Shiny Cushion. Jantine (@vrolijkhaakmeisje) chose to work with our Super Must-Have, which gives the pillow a beautiful shine. It becomes extra shiny by using a thread of Glamour for joining it. Amazing, right?! Are you going for the kit in sweet pinks? Or fort he kit with dreamy blue-greens? One thing is for sure, the pleasure you will have with making this pillow is just as great as seeing it shine in your interior!


Hi, I'm Jantine Flach (1995). I am married to my dearest husband and we have two children: Ninthe and Jelte. In daily life I used to work as a kindergarten teacher, but a year ago I switched careers and now I have a daycare from home.

During the pregnancy of my oldest, in 2016, I started crocheting, because I didn't have much to do. Pretty soon I started to adapt patterns to my own wishes, and that's how I quickly got into pattern design. In 2018 I was allowed to participate in the Dutch crochet competition of Yarnplaza: 'de HaakSTER' of the Netherlands, and in 2019 I started designing all kinds of patterns for a Dutch crochet community ‘Gek op Haken’. I still enjoy doing that.

My favorite experience was designing crochet patterns for my own Dutch crochet book 'Vrolijke Granny Squares Haken’ (translated: ‘Crocheting Happy Granny Squares'). What a joy it was to work on that! My book has only just been released, in May 2022.

I like cheerful, colorful crochet projects. On my Instagram and Facebook (@vrolijkhaakmeisje), my blog (vrolijkhaakmeisje.blogspot.com) and on YouTube (Vrolijk Haakmeisje) I regularly show what I crochet and design.


Jorina (@dehaakbubbel) used a classic granny in a new way for her design: Granny's Shawl! With its graphic stripes that are enhanced by the use of the colors in the grannies, its an absolute joy to look at. To finish this design off Jorina added some spice with a contrasting colored edge and big tassels. It is wonderfully light to use because it is made with our Amazing.


“My love for crochet and colors defines me”

I am Jorina, 29 years old. Together with my husband and dog I live in a small village in Zeeland, called Arnemuiden. 9 years ago I started crocheting and since then I am hooked. When I started crocheting I didn’t think I was creative at all! As soon as I realized how crochet worked I went completely crazy and discovered the creativity in myself. You will find color and crochet hooks everywhere in my clothing nd interior. It is who I am!

You’ll find my makes on Facebook and Instagram @dehaakbubbel. This year my name has changed from @crochetrainbowtales to @dehaakbubbel. ‘De Haakbubbel’ is Dutch for ‘Crochet Bubble’. It stands for taking time for yourself, nothing is needed and everything is allowed. A place where time seems to stand still. For me ‘de Haakbubbel’ also means a creative place bursting with inspiration! With this inspiration I wrote a book this year which is called ‘Haken in all kleuren’ (translated: 'Crochet in all Colors'. My book contains lots of patterns to give your home a colorful makeover.

With the projects I make I want to make you feel happy, make you feel happy and make your day beautiful! Hope you enjoy!


Let’s go to the beach and take Granny's Beach Bag along for the ride! This bag is big enough to take all beach gear with you and spend the whole day with our feet in the sand. Its a design by Dorien (@pop_i_dots). She chose to work with our Gentle yarn, which gives the bag a beautiful matte, textured and 'beachy' look. We’re in love with the color palettes she chose. Spicy and sweet at the same time. Dorien implemented the granny square theme nicely. Even the decorations on the bag are made with the same pattern. So what are you waiting for? Plan your beach date and grab your crochet hook to make this awesome bag!


Hi, I'm Dorien, married to Hans, mother of Corijn, Sebas & Cato and I'm always creative! As a child I loved watching my mother crochet, knit or sew and crochet. I crocheted my first potholder. It was only 10 years ago I really became addicted to crochet. I love doing many things: needle punching, working on a new illustration/design or painting. I often share this on Instagram where you can find me as @pop_i_dots

You make me happy with beach houses in pastel colors, a street full of differently colored houses and front doors, tiles with beautiful motifs, a visit to a museum, a garden full of flowers and the beautiful packaging in a foreign supermarket. I like to go on holiday to colorful destinations and then start new projects full of inspiration. Combining bright colors with black and white is my all time favorite. This gives a nice graphic effect.

For this lookbook I designed a beach bag made of granny squares in summery colors with the yarn Gentle from Yarn and Colors. Wonderful to crochet with this recycled yarn. Have fun crocheting and have a nice summer!


Jolanda (@_naald5) came up with a pillow with challenging stitches and a lot of texture. Of course she also provides a good dose of color in this design, making Granny's Diamond Cushion a real signature piece in her (and our!) collection of designs. This pillow is beautiful on both sides and therefore versatile in use. Will you put it in your garden full of flowers this summer? Or do you snuggle with it in a corner of the couch with a cup of tea?


“Color, color and more color. Oh how I love color!

My name is Jolanda and I come from Ermelo, a village in the Netherlands. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook as @_naald5. I've always had much love for color. It probably will not surprise you that I once dyed my hair in all the colors of the rainbow. At that time I was also called the "Rainbow teacher" at work. In daily life I work in the swimming pool in Ermelo as a swimming lesson coordinator. Swimming lessons, aqua jogging, trim swimming - you name it and I'll do it. I feel like a fish in water.

Besides my work I like to be creative, my main hobby being crochet. I started with that in 2008. With a book, ball and a crochet hook from my mother I taught myself to crochet using patterns.

I crocheted for hours on end: during breaks at work, in the pub, at festivals and on the train. Everywhere I went my balls of yarn came with me. Together with a friend, I started crocheting bedspreads to order via the internet, under the name "Crochet in Progress". We had a waiting list of 8 months and once every 2 weeks a 1 or 2 person bedspread rolled off our needles. We crochet most projects with crochet hook 5 and so our follow-up name ‘Naald5’ was born.

In 2018 I took the plunge and registered for the competition "De Haakster van Nederland" via Wolplein/Yarnplaza. I made it to the finals and ended up second. For me this was the first experience with making and writing patterns. It's so cool to come up with a project, convert it into a pattern and then make a lot of people happy with it.

I fell immediately in love when the yarns from Yarn and Colors came onto the market. The beautiful bright colors really appeal to me! Working with Yarn and Colors as a designer is really a dream come true. In the past I have worked with them on lookbook #11 – the Sunny Side of Autumn. When they asked me to work on a blanket for the Blankets Blankets Blankets lookbook I didn’t have to think twice. And now my third design is here: Granny’s Diamond Cushion.

Have fun with my colorful designs and share your work on social media with #yarnandcolors.

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