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At the start of 2020 we have let you meet one of our newest members of the Yarn and Colors family: Baby Fabulous. It’s the little sister (or brother?) from our Fabulous. It has the same cotton blend and is exactly as light and airy. The difference is between the yarn weight. Fabulous is a bulky type of yarn (5) as Baby Fabulous is a medium type of yarn (4).

Mid January we launched the Baby Fabulous Contest. We made three different color combinations and you could let us know what you would like to design with our Baby Fabulous in these colors. The prize? Your design in Lookbook #7 Baby Fabulous Contest. And guess what? It’s here!

For the bright color combination (consisting of 033 Pepper, 015 Mustard, 064 Nordic Blue, 086 Peony Leaf and 035 Girly Pink) we chose Jorina (@crochetrainbowtales) with her GRAPHIC SCARF idea and Fran Mori (@crochetlovemelbourne) with her CIRCLES AND SPIRALS idea.

The trend color combination (consisting of 004 Birch, 089 Gold, 044 Light Pink, 026 Satay and 047 Old Pink) has been used by Marijke (@madebystudiom) for a boxy and trendy BABY YOU LOOK FABULOUS TOP and by Justine (@neissaknit) for a beautiful knitted baby HANNA SWEATER with color work.

The third color combination (consisting of 048 Antique Pink, 073 Jade Gravel, 072 Glass, 005 Clay and 002 Cream) was called ‘Pastel‘ and is used for the SPRING FLOWERS TEE by Emilia (@coffeeandcrocheting) and for the Romantic Throw by Ilse (@mycroshed).



“Baby, you look Fabulous!” is what they will say when you are strutting the streets wearing this top. Marijke (@madebystudiom) has designed it in mesh stitch so it is flowy and the shape of this top suits any body type. Because it’s made from our Baby Fabulous it will be airy thanks to the cotton blend. So.. in what color are you making yours?

You can buy the kit or the pattern only. The kit contains everything you need:

  • 10 (11,11,12) balls Baby Fabulous
  • 1 pattern


“Hi! I am Marijke, 40 years old, wife of a man with a beard, mother of a daughter and a bonus-son, and Geo-ICT expert. Handicraft has been part of my life as far as I can remember. I learned it in elementary school when I was about 10 years old and never let it go throughout my life. My mother and grandmother were also gifted crafters, the blissful sound of knitting needles is pure nostalgia for me.

It was only when I was twenty that I discovered that crocheting didn’t have to be corny and I started experimenting with other materials such as rope and leather. At that time I mainly made accessories. When I got to know Instagram much later, I saw that you could also crochet modern, smooth, well-fitting clothes and I wanted that too!

In 2019 I released my first crochet pattern, thanks to a nudge from some lovely ladies I met on a crochet trip in Greece. With my own patterns I would like to make wearable garments that drape nicely and can become real basics in your wardrobe.

Hopefully you will like the top I designed in the new Baby Fabulous yarn. Make them in your favorite colors, put on your favorite jeans and you are guaranteed to look “Fabulous”!

– Marijke”


Doesn’t this blanket remind you of candy? The CIRCLES AND SPIRALS BLANKET is a design by Fran Mori (@crochetlovemelbourne) and is made especially for our Baby Fabulous contest. The size of the blanket is 90 x 125 cm. First you crochet a lot of rounds (like confetti!) and after you can have even more fun when creating the spirals. This colorful project will give you instant happy vibes while crocheting. And the best part? You can join as you go.. So, what are you waiting for?

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 24 balls Baby Fabulous (3 of 3 colors, 4 of 1 color and 8 for the color you use for joining)
  • 1 pattern


“In daily life I work full time as a librarian and live with my husband and two university student adult children. Next to crochet, I also love to walk, cycle, read and garden.

I learned to sew, knit and crochet probably around the age of seven from my mother who was an amazing crafter. I mainly knitted sweaters, did large cross stitch pictures and sewed my own clothes when I was younger until about the age of 17. Then for many years I did nothing crazy except make some clothes for my children when they were younger.. Then around 2016 my daughter was playing a lot of soccer, so I spent many hours in my car waiting for her while she trained so that’s when I started again to crochet some blankets.

In 2017 I started a separate crochet account as I discovered this whole world of people who also love crafting on Instagram and decided on a separate account so I didn’t bore my family and friends and it kind of took off from there. I look forward to meeting my European Instagram friends one day in the future

– Fran Mori”


The bobble stitch must be one of our favourites. Combine it with some color blocking and the SPRING FLOWERS TEE is here! Did we tell you yet you can make it in four different sizes? This design from Emilia (@coffeeandcrocheting) is fun to make in many colors. With 35 colors Baby Fabulous to pick from, we are very curious to see which combination you will make.

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 10 (12, 13, 13) balls Baby Fabulous
  • 1 pattern


As a way to practice fine motor skills, Emilia started to crochet after joining medical school. Quickly this little hobby turned in to a nice job on the side after she had designed her first own garment. Even though the number of years crocheting isn’t that many yet, the rows and stitches have added up to over 40 finished garments and 15 patterns.

It was only a year ago Emilia joined Instagram as @coffeeandcrocheting and the community and friendships there are what encouraged her to take the extra step to start designing. Now designing is what gives the extra fun to the process since it is a way to combine crochet, creativity, problem-solving and math.

Please tag your project with the hashtag #YACLookbookBabyFabulous. We’d love to see the results!


Graphic prints combined with an explosion of colors, does it get any better? The GRAPHIC SCARF, designed by Jorina (@crochetrainbowtales), has it all! It is made from ten balls of Baby Fabulous in five different colors. With a range of 35 different colors Baby Fabulous we are very curious to see what you come up with.

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

Depending on the size:

  • 10 balls Baby Fabulous (2 of each color)
  • 1 pattern


“My love for crocheting and colors define me!”

I am Jorina, 26 years old and I live in a small village in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

9 years ago I started crocheting and since then I am hooked. When I started crocheting I didn’t think I was creative at all! As soon as I realized how crochet worked I went completely crazy and discovered the creativity in myself. You will find color and crochet hooks everywhere in my clothing and interior. It is who I am!

No crochet hook and/or ball of yarn is safe for me. I have to be able to crochet, that makes me happy and gives me peace of mind. I really enjoy creating something with a crochet hook and yarn.

It always starts with an idea, often with inspiration from other cultures, magazines or clothing. After a number of adjustments, I have an idea that makes me happy. When I am making a project it starts to grow into something big. It gets more and more shape and it really becomes something of yourself. This is how you discover the artist in yourself!

– Jorina”


When Ilse (mycroshed) told us about her romantic and nostalgic idea for a blanket when she entered our contest, we immediatly got very curious. And here it is, the ROMANTIC THROW. Put it on the end of your bed or use it to cover up your legs on a warm summer night. You’ll immediatly feel cosy. Most fun part is you can make your squares anytime, anywhere. Just pop the yarn in your bag and off you go. Joining with a contrasting color is saved for the end. Where are you going to put your Romantic Throw?

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 30 balls Baby Fabulous (21 base color, 5 for joining and the edge, 2 for the flowers and 1 each for the petals)
  • 1 pattern


“Hi, my name is Ilse from My Cro-Shed. My Cro-Shed comes from crochet and she-shed. When a few years ago our house got flooded with my crochet stash and supplies, my husband build a tiny house in our garden. It now is my own space where I can crochet whenever I like, drink coffee with friends and give workshops.

I give workshops when they are requested by people, but I also organize lessons ‘learn to crochet’ for both children and adults. I give the workshops in my spare time, because I also work as a home nurse.

I learned how to crochet in primary school, but after that I did not crochet anymore. When I bought a book in 2012 with different craft techniques, the plan was to try them all. I started crocheting and got no further in the book. I got hooked right away!

When I first started using Instagram, I discovered a whole new world, the crochet world! So many ideas, but above all so many sweet and fantastic crocheters. I quickly got to know people from all over the world with the same passion, got to test patterns for some of them and some even became close friends.I was therefore encouraged by some of them to design something myself. For example, my first design, the Early Spring Mandala, came out in March 2019. A 2-square CAL followed for Granny Square Day and the Summer Storm Mandala in October. I really enjoy designing and plan to do this more often.

Designing this blanket is a big step for me. It is my first collaboration with a yarn producer, it is the first time that I have been published and therefore also the first time that I can introduce myself. I really enjoyed this collaboration! It was exciting, educational, but above all super fun!

If you want to get to know me even better, please visit my Instagram (@mycroshed) to say hi!


A beautiful knitted baby sweater with subtile and delicate colorwork. Can you resist? Justine (@neissaknit) has designed a very beautiful sweater that can be made for kids up to 1-2 years. Both for boys ánd for girls. Choose the color for your base and decide on a neutral color for the yoke. Then you’ll get to choose three more colors to use for your colorwork and.. off you go. With 35 different colors of Baby Fabulous to choose from, we are curious to see what your HANNA SWEATER is going to look like!

You can buy the kit or the digital pattern only. The kit contents:

  • 6 balls Baby Fabulous (2 base color, 1 of each other color for the colorwork)
  • 1 pattern


“My name is Justine. I learned knitting from my Grandmother but dropped it for a long time. When my friends started to have kids I took it up again to make them unique gifts, full of love and sweetness. I now have 3 little girls who keep pressuring me to knit clothing for their dolls! I hope they don’t grow too fast because I only love to design for small kids. I mix Scandinavian style and Parisian chic to create colorful and comfortable heirloom pieces, hoping that they will be passed along in the family.

I just love Yarn and Colors color combinations and pretty rose gold accessories posted on instagram. When I saw the contest, I knew asap what I wanted to design and tada! Here comes the Hanna sweater; named after my 3rd baby. Just fair since the name Neïssa knit comes from the mix of my older daughters name, Neïla and Meïssa.

This opportunity made me think and I am now using what is left of my maternity leave to see if I can find a way to knit for a living!

You can find me on Instagram @neissa_knit


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