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#4 Slouchy Pouch Color Block

Posted on 7-5-2021 by Pleun@yarnandcolors.com

#4 Working with our patterns

The Slouchy Pouch Color Block

Your enthusiasm for the Slouchy Pouch unprecedented! It’s one of our best selling patterns, and our most repinned photo ever on Pinterest. And we totally get that. This bag has a knitted look (and yet it’s crochet), can be worn in different ways, is simple and sturdy, and it can hold a lot of stuff. What’s not to love?!

The Slouchy Pouch is part of Lookbook #8 Zen and is (of course!) made with our Zen yarn. It was initially designed in two colors to get a natural, ‘basket-like’ look: namely our colors 009 Limestone and 026 Satay.

We’re glad to see you’re all tagging us to your heart’s content on Facebook and Instagram, so we’ve already seen a bunch of other cool colors. Minke made the Slouchy Pouch in 090 Olive, Pleun chose 101 Rosé for hers, and Lynet made the bag in bright 015 Mustard.

But we came to the conclusion that this could be spiced up even more. How about a Slouchy Pouch in two colors?! That’s how the Slouchy Pouch Color Block edition came into existence.

I picked up my crochet hook and made a few swatches using different color combinations. From left to right you can see the following combos: 072 Glass and 073 Jade Gravel, 015 Mustard and 089 Gold, and 041 Coral and 101 Rosé.

One of these swatches was our absolute favorite. We definitely wanted to turn that one into an actual project. And just have a look for yourself – how gorgeous is this pouch that a dear tester (thanks, Mandy!) made for us?! It reminds us of the ocean and gives us instant vacation vibes. And we could all use a little bit of that during these crazy times, am I right? The kit to make your own Slouchy Pouch is available in these colors in our web shop as of today, but you can also purchase the pattern separately. That way you can come up with your own color combination.

In the photo above I opted for colors in the same palette, but you can go absolutely crazy with your color choices! Go wild and go for 041 Coral and 015 Mustard. You can also keep it simple and combine neutral tones, like 009 Limestone and 006 Taupe. That would look super classy, in my opinion! The possibilities are endless. I definitely couldn’t stop making new combos.

We can’t wait to see your which color combo you’ll choose, or which one you’ll come up with when making your own Slouchy Pouch. Please don’t forget sharing the final result with us! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook by using @yarnandcolors and #slouchypouch so we can see your Slouchy Pouch.


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