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#5 Chunky Basket

Posted on 28-5-2021 by Pleun@yarnandcolors.com

#5 Working with our Yarn

#5 The Chunky Basket

Sometimes it’s time to say goodbye. Our Fresh and Super Charming are being discontinued. These soft and chunky yarns are making room for new members to add to the Yarn and Colors family. To give them the goodbye that they deserve we made one last pattern: the CHUNKY BASKET.

“I have enough baskets and home deco” – said no one ever. This basket is made using Super Charming and Fresh. The idea is very simple, but the result has a luxurious and modern look. With lots of different colors of Fresh, there is always a color that matches your interior.

- 1 ball of Fresh Yarn
- 4 balls of Super Charming Yarn
- 4 mm crochet hook
- Tapestry needle
- Scissors

Measurements (approx.):
High basket
Diameter 30 cm
Height 24 cm

Low basket
Diameter 40 cm
Height 12 cm

Stitches and abbreviatons:
ch = Chain
mr = magic ring
sl st = Slip stitch
sc(s) = Single Crochet(s)
st(s) = Stitch(es)

Make a MR, using Super Charming. Make 6 sc in MR. (6 sts)
Round 1: 2 sc in each st (12 sts)
Round 2: Take Fresh and start working around the thread making scs. Make 2 sc in each st. (24 sts)

Round 3 (and so on): Continue crocheting around the strand of Fresh, but now making a ch between sc (sc, ch, sc, ch, sc and so on). From this round on, insert the needle under the sts and not in the sts themselves. You don't have to be very accurate where you place your sts. This way you will ensure sturdiness in your basket.

When making the bottom of your basket, make sure you lay your work flat on the tablet to check your work.
If you notice that your bottom is already curling you can adjust that by grasping your work with two hands and gently stretch and pull. This way you will give the Fresh more space and it comes to lie flat on the table again. Continue until the bottom is large enough to your liking.

Now we will be starting with creating height. To do this, simply crochet Fresh on top of your bottom. If necessary you can steer by holding your basket with your right hand and gently pulling the Fresh with your left hand. You’ll tighten your work and this will make it shorter and therefore higher.

Start making 2 ch (or even 3 ch) between your scs to create a playful effect. Make sure you divide these openings equally (like building bricks in a wall) to maintain the firmness of your basket.

Keep on checking whether your basket is still going straight up and adjust your work if necessary. Continue crocheting until you are satisfied with the height of your basket. Cut off Fresh and work with Super Charming around the last part. Make your few (last) scs and fasten off making sl st.

Feel free to decide for yourself how big you want the bottom of the basket to be and how high it will be. You can also make two little baskets. Or choose a contrasting color Super Charming and go for the unexpected. Go crazy!

Below we made some swatches to inspire you. Which one is your favorite?

Have fun!
Love, Manon


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