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#2 Cloud Cardigan

Posted on 4-2-2021 by Pleun@yarnandcolors.com

Working with our Elegant yarn

Making the Cloud Cardigan

When I heard there was going to be a mohair yarn added to our collection, I couldn’t wait to get started. I had so many ideas! So I waited patiently…

Our Elegant yarn is a fine Mohair blend yarn. With 25% Mohair, 25% Wool and 50% Acrylic its light, super soft and ideal for making fashion! We chose a variety of 12 different colors with bright and muted shades. This way everyone can find their favorite. Elegant has a yarn fine (2) yarn weight and comes in balls of 20 grams each with 200 meters yarn length. It knits and crochets up perfectly on its own, combined with one of our other yarns or with multiple threads at once. The options are endless.

When the Elegant finally arrived at our office I grabbed my makers essentials and got started straight away. One thing I was very sure about was that I wanted to combine multiple strands. The only question that remained was.. what colors to combine?! So many options! One by one, different test swatches flew of my needle(s).

What is it going to look like if you’d combine two strands of Elegant together with our Serene (a beautiful merino yarn)? Beautiful! And what about two strands of Elegant with one strand of Glamour? Oh-la-la! And one of my personal favorites: what about using four strands of Elegant and jumbo sized needles? Yum, IT’S SO FLUFFY!

When my last test swatch was finished an idea popped in my mind. A light, airy, oversized and soft cardigan. The kind of cardigan you never want to take off again. One that you can rock wearing it over your favorite dress. The Cloud Cardigan was born.

Knitting or crochet, with the Cloud Cardigan you can do whatever you prefer. It is available in both options. And did I tell you yet they are very easy to make?

For the Cloud Cardigan Knit I used four strands of Elegant. The Cloud Cardigan Crochet is made using three strands of Elegant to ensure it is flowy and still affordable. After all, crocheting uses more yarn than knitting.

Looking at the images below, do you spy which one is knitted and which one is crocheted? The pink Cloud Cardigan Crochet is made using two strands Elegant 101 Rosé held together with one strand Elegant 002 Cream. The beige Cloud Cardigan Knit is made using three strands of Elegant 002 Cream held together with one strand Elegant 006 Taupe.

When you work with multiple strands of yarn, the most common option is to go for one color – and one color only. When I was making swatches I wanted to break free from that idea and start mixing it up. Using multiple colors creates more depth. Both options (using one color or using multiple colors) are beautiful. I want to show you the difference. Look at the test swatches below, both crochet:

On the left you see three strands of 098 Graphite. On the right: two strands of 096 Shark Grey ánd one strand of 098 Graphite. Quite the difference, don’t you think?

From that moment my Inner Bob Ross took over. I tested the craziest combinations and if I’m honest: not every single one of them worked. But if you ask me, that whats fun about designing. Trial and error! And ‘we don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents – am I right?

My favorite color combinations you find below. I like each and every one of them! Every knitted swatch is made with 3 strands of one color held together with one strand of another color. In short: 3 + 1 is a total of four strands. Every crocheted swatch is made of two strands of one color held together with one strand of another color. In short: 2 + 1 is a total of three strands.

The top row are knitted swatches and below you only see crocheted ones. The color combinations are:
2/3 strands of 092 Pea Green and one strand of 096 Shark Grey
2/3 strands of 090 Olive and one strand of 092 Pea Green
2/3 strands of 096 Shark Grey and one strand 98 Graphite

But if I’m really honest, I also love the uni colored swatches. Aren’t they delicious? Remember: for knitting I used 4 strands (total) of Elegant and for crochet you use a total of 3 strands.
The top row are knitted swatches and below you only see crocheted ones. The colors are:
3 or 4 strands of 024 Chestnut
3 or 4 strands of 098 Gold
3 or 4 strands of 060 Navy Blue

To show you how the Cloud Cardigan Crochet turns out when you use the color combination of the Cloud Cardigan Knit (and vice versa) I made my last batch of swatches. These are my all-time favorite!

The Cloud Cardigan is available two sizes (S / M and L / XL) and in two color options as a kit. When you order a kit, you’ll digitally receive the pattern and the correct amount of yarn you’ll need for your chosen size will be send to your home. Do you prefer other colors? Then buy the pattern separately and maybe you will be inspired by the color combinations I made. Or maybe you will surprise us with a different color combination?! We are curious! Either way, don't forget to share your project with us on the socials by tagging us @yarnandcolors and using #yarnandcolorscloudcardigan.

Have fun!
Love, Manon


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