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Must-Have Mini CAL 2 - Lettuce

Posted on 13-10-2021 by Pleun@yarnandcolors.com

Must-Have Mini CAL 2 - Lettuce

Must-Have Mini CAL 2 - lettuce

You can’t go wrong with a little lettuce, am I right? Whether it’s a side dish or a meal, we love it!

This lettuce leaf gets a lot of depth by using 3 colors. It gets nice and curly because of the amount of double crochet stitches on top.

Make one as a garnish or to use between a sandwich. Or make a bunch and put them together as a head of lettuce. Have fun!

Don’t forget to share your lettuce with us on social media using #MustHaveMiniCAL. We love seeing all your gorgeous photos and beautiful creations every week.

Happy crocheting!
Love, Manon

Pattern Lettuce:
081 Lettuce, 004 Birch and 083 Peridot

Ch 11 using 004.
Round 1: Work around the foundation chain (in the front loops).
Sc-blo 6 in 2nd ch from hook and switch to color 081, sc-blo 3, sc 3 in next st.
Work along the other side of the foundation chain,
Sc-blo 9, sc 3 in next st.
You have now worked your way once around the foundation chain. Keep working in the round in the next round.
Round 2: sc 6, hdc 2 in next st, * dc 2 in next st* x 2, * dc 3 in next st* x 3, * dc 2 in next st* x 5, hdc 2 in next st, sc 1 and switch to color 083, sl st 1, ch 1.
Turn your work (you’re not working in continuous rounds anymore).
Round 3: sl st 1, sc 3, hdc 4, dc 4, *dc 2 in next st, dc 1 * x 2, * dc 3 in next st* x 3, dc 2 in next st, dc 6, hdc 3, sc 4 and fasten off with a sl st in next st.
Weave in all ends.

Make multiple lettuce leaves so together they can form a full head of lettuce.

You can use all of the colors used in this pattern. We won’t be using them again in the CAL.

Disclaimer The items are not suitable for children under three years.


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