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Must-Have Mini CAL 2 - Mushrooms

Posted on 28-10-2021 by Pleun_yarnandcolors.com

Must-Have Mini CAL 2 - Mushrooms

Must-Have Mini CAL 2 - Mushrooms

‘Weeeeeee are the ‘champignons’ my frieeeheeends’! The champignon mushroom is definitely a winner!
And you get two for the price of one. You can use the same pattern to make a regular white mushroom, and a chestnut mushroom.
This is done by simply reversing the colors.

Are you a mushroom lover? Maybe you like them in the soup, or with risotto.
Or would you rather not have them at all? In any case, you might try crocheting one. I promise that will be a success either way.

We’d love to see your little mushrooms. Share them with us on social media using #MustHaveMiniCAL!

Have fun!
Love, Manon

Pattern Mushrooms:
102 Marble en 006 Taupe

Make a MR using 102. Sc 5 in MR.
Round 1: *sc 2 in every st* x 5 (10)
Round 2: *sc 1, sc 2 in next st* x 5 (15)
Pull the cast on tail to the outside, to the right side of your work.
Round 3: *sc 2, sc 2 in next st* x 5 (20)
Round 4 - 6: sc 20 around
Switch to color 006
Round 7: *scblo 2, scblo2tog* x 5 (15)
Round 8: *sc 1, sc2tog* x 5 (10)
Switch to color 102
Round 9: scblo 10 around
Lightly stuff the cap of the mushroom.
Round 10 - 13: sc 10 around
Round 14: *sc2tog* x 5 (5)
Fasten off and cut the yarn, leaving a long tail.
Baste the yarn through the loops (5) of the last round and pull tight.
Insert the through the middle of the 5 stitches, through the mushroom until it comes out in the middle of the MR.
Gently pull the yarn, creating a little dent in the stem and slightly flattening the cap of the mushroom.
Tie a firm knot using the cast on tail and weave in all ends.

Mushroom slice
The mushroom slices are worked flat (so turn your work after every row). The turning chains do not count at stitches.
Ch 4 using 102.
Row 1: Sc 1 in every st, starting in 2nd ch from hook (3), ch 1
Row 2 - 4: sc 3, ch 1
Switch to color 006
Row 5: *hdc 2 in the same st* x3 (6), ch 2
Switch to color 102
Round 6: *dc 3 in the same st* x 2, *tr 2 in the same st* x 2, *dc 3 in the same st* x 2 (16)
Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Make another mushroom and a mushroom slice starting with 006, switching to 102 in the middle and ending with 006. Reverse the colors. You have now made a chestnut mushroom! Make multiple muhsrooms, and use hook sizes 2, 2.5 mm and 3 mm for a slight difference in size. They’ll look exactly like the ones you see when you go grocery shopping! You can use all of both colors in this pattern. We won’t be using them again in the CAL.

Disclaimer The items are not suitable for children under three years.


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