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#9 The New Basic Basket

Posted on 11-11-2021 by Pleun_yarnandcolors.com


The New Basic Basket

Finally we can introduce our new yarns to you. Meet our Amazing and Gentle. These two yarns are the first sustainable products we’re introducing. Both yarns are made from recycled materials, a environmental friendly alternative for new raw materials. There are two big advantages of recycled materials:

1. Waste from the production is gathered and re-used instead of throwing it away.
2. A lot of resources are saved by recycling acrylic or cotton waste. This not only saves raw materials but also a lot of water, gas and electricity.

Our manufacturer gathers the waste from cotton or acrylic productions in their own factory. They collect this and spin it into a new strand. This is then plyed and dyed in the famous Yarn and Colors shades. In the final balling process the yarn becomes either Amazing or Gentle.

But more about the yarn themselves. The Amazing yarn is made from recycled acrylic. It’s a famous DK-weight and therefor a very welcome addition to our collection. Our Gentle yarn is made from recycled cotton. The tension and suggested needle size is similar to our Epic yarn. Therefore it’s a suitable and sustainable alternative!

We have made a free pattern for you guys in order to try out our new yarns. To stay on topic, we recycled one of our old favorites: the Basic Basket. This pattern was originally made with our Super Charming. We have now rewritten it so you can create it with our Amazing or Gentle. For the pattern you either need three balls of Amazing or six from our Gentle. A small but fun project to try out our latest yarns.

Both baskets are crocheted using two strands at the same time. This gives a firm result so you can actually use the basket. Two different shades were used for the bottom of the basket to create a melange effect. Later in the pattern you swap to just a single color. The Amazing basket is slightly higher then our Gentle version. This is because there is a severe difference in yarn length. One ball of Amazing contains 310 meters in comparison to 75 meter from our Gentle yarn. You could use two additional balls of Gentle if you want to achieve the same height. Either way, both heights are useful to store different kind of items!

We have chosen five different color options as an example. But you can also choose your own color ways as you get to choose from 32 shades. You’ll need the following for the baskets:

1. Amazing basket – 2 balls of shade A and 1 ball of shade B.
2. Gentle basket – 4 balls of shade A and 2 balls of shade B.

We’d love to see your results!

Download the pattern for the Amazing Basic Basket here

Download the pattern for the Gentle Basic Basket here


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