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#11 Pepper - Free pattern

Posted on 14-1-2022 by koen@yarnandcolors.com

Pepper - Free Pattern

Do you like it spicy?

It's International Hot and Spicy Food Day (#HotandSpicyFoodDay). For that occassion we thought it would be fun to share this free pattern with you! They go perfectly with the previously made MINI-CALS that were released last year. Are you going to make the green Jalapeño or are you going to spice it up with the spicy Ghost Pepper?

032 Pepper, 088 Forest and 087 Amazon.

Please note! You will only slightly stuff the top side of the pepper (the widest part).
Make a MR using 032. Sc 4 in MR
Round 1: *sc 2 in every st* x 4 (8)
Round 2: *sc 1, sc 2 in next st* x 4 (12)
Round 3 - 6: sc 12 a Round
Round 7: sc2tog, sc 10 (11)
Round 8 and 9: sc 11 a Round
Round 10: sc2tog, sc 9 (10)
Round 11 and 12: sc 10 a Round
Round 13: sc2tog, sc 8 (9)
Round 14: sc 9 a Round
Round 15: sc2tog, sc 7 (8)
Round 16: sc 8 a Round
Round 17: sc2tog, sc 6 (7)
Round 18: sc 7 a Round
Round 19: sc2tog, sc 5 (6)
Round 20: sc 6 a Round
Round 21: sc2tog, sc 4 (5)
Round 22: sc 5 around
Fasten off and cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. Baste the yarn through the outer loops (5) of the last round, pull tight and weave in all ends.

Roll the pepper in your hands to spread the stuffing. Shape the pepper as desired. No pepper is completely straight and no two peppers look the same!

Base of stalk
Make a MR using 087. Sc 4 in MR
Round 1: *sc 2 in every st* x 4 (8)
Fasten off and cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. Attach the base of the stalk to the pepper with a few stitches.

Ch 4 using 087.
Sl st 1 in 2nd ch from hook, sl st 1 in every st (3).
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail, and tie the stalk in the middle of the base you just attached to the pepper.

Make another pepper exactly like the first one using 088.


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