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#14 Island Stroll CAL - Week 2

Posted on 10-5-2022 by Pleun@yarnandcolors.com

#14 Island Stroll CAL

Week 2 - The Oh I Adore Square

Week two of the Island Stroll CAL is all about adoration. We are sure you will fall in love with this square. There is so much texture in it and it is an excellent example of overlay crochet. Grab your hook and find out!

Tess about the Oh I Adore Square:
"The Oh I Adore Square is a vividly happy one filled with textures, twists and turns. With its playful popcorn center it symbolizes the rocks, pebbles, cliffs and mountains of the seaside and woods"

For this week there is one pattern again. If you prefer visual instructions, don’t forget to check the video’s.

Click here for the Youtube tutorial

The Oh I Adore Square - Printer friendly download

For a full color PDF and more background information go to sistersinstitch.com

Make sure to share your Oh I Adore Square with us by tagging it on social media with #IslandStrollCAL. We are curious to see! Have fun!


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